FO206A Mobile Controller Pad

Controller connects to my device but buttons do not respond work in game

A1: Do not run the game or run it in backgound before controller connected. If you did, delete the pairing and pair it again.

A2: Make sure the pairing is correct. Wrong pairing leads to reconnect issue and game may not recognize the controller. The video shows the wrong pairing and correct pairing.


Controller automatically move arround when I connect to my PC Windows

A: FO206A currently does not support bluetooth connection on PC Windows. You need to connect it to PC via Type-C cable.

Controller disconnects during using

A: Full charge the controller before using

Controller isn't able to pair or connect to your device?

A: Reset the controller. The video shows how to reset the controller

Remap the controller button

A: Controller mapping supports on iOS device. The shows how to remap the controller buttons on iPhone