Best Battery Phone Mount for Xbox One Gaming Controllers !

Gaming on smartphones has improved throughout the years as the interior parts of our devices develop ever further. The Nintendo Switch is a demonstration of exactly how much power we can get out of a handheld device, and our iOS and Android phones are no slouches with regards to offering huge libraries of charming games. Yet, tapping around uncontrollably on the screen with no substantial or material controls can make for a frustrating experience that would be easily remedied with a controller.



Fortunate for us, Smartphones are more impressive today than they ever have been, for certain devices offering a preferred gaming experience over even your personal computer. In addition, the portable gaming stage has extended such a lot of that the library of games is unimaginable, so you'll need to utilize a controller to get the best experience. In case you're not attached to a particular biological system, the most ideal choice for a great many people is the DarkWalker FO220 Battery Phone Mount for Xbox One Controller, which works with the two Windows and Android.


iOS and Android smartphones support an entire host of superb gaming controllers. A few controllers are upheld ludicrous widespread Bluetooth association, while others depend on USB-C or Lightning associations while conveying additional quick reaction times. With this gaming controller(DarkWalker FO220), you can have a lot more extravagant gaming experience while additionally seeing a greater amount of the games you're playing, since you will not be concealing portion of the screen with your fingers. In this way, in case you're prepared to get your game on, here are our picks.


What You Need to Know About Mobile gaming controllers

Compatibility: First things first, ensure the controller works with your mobile device. A ton of mobile controllers are Android-just, however there are a lot of iPhone alternatives as well. Also, give exceptional consideration to the variant similarity, particularly in case you're running an old form of Android or iOS, as certain controllers will require more current adaptations to work.


The games: Some games are more qualified to explicit control types, so you need to consider the kinds of games you tend towards. All the more a touchscreen puzzle player? A mobile controller may sooner wind up in a draw gathering dust. However, in the event that you play a ton of first-individual shooters or wind up yearning for more exactness in your platformes, at that point chances are your gaming experience will improve incomprehensibly with something more material.


Mounting: If you're playing with a mobile controller, at that point you'll require something to hold up your telephone or tablet. A few controllers accompany a mount, some don't. You could likewise get a represent the telephone, which is extraordinary in the event that you have a surface to play it on, however less supportive when you're attempting to pack in a speedy round of Fortnite on the transport. A mount, either implicit or connectable, is suggested.


DarkWalker FO220 review

onverting any current Xbox One controller into your convenient gaming buddy, the DarkWalker FO220 Xbox One Controller Clip delivers an affordable phone mounting solution. Its clip-on design is easy to attach (and detach) from official gamepads.

The mobile gaming battery phone clip designed for Xbox One wireless controllers. Please note that it is NOT compatible with the new Xbox Series X and S controller.


While this all-plastic dark mount pushes just the basics, a firm fold over clasp ensures a strong grasp on your controller. A going with spring-impelled slider additionally suits phones, everything being equal, with double rubber treated cushions for added security. It promotes shockingly high form quality at the cost, as well, including a flexible pivot framework supporting the heaviness of heftier devices. Its lone key imperfection is frustrating pivot adaptability, restricting screen points past the envisioned 45-degree deployment.


The DarkWalker FO220 phone clip is combined with 1600mAh rechargeable battery pack. The number of cycle life for the battery pack attains 1000 time. Large battery capacity provides you up to 15 hours gameplay time per full charge.


as an addition the DarkWalker FO220 has Dual locking articulation points for ergonomic phone placement. Foldable clip and removable battery pack for easy transport when gaming on-the-go, plus Fits most cell phones: Max width 3.35” (85 millimeter)


DarkWalker FO220 obliges a broad setup of phones, credited to its flexible slider component. While beginning at 2 inches whenever shut, the plate upholds gadgets comparing 3.35” (85 millimeter) evenly, including most larger size telephones available. That greatest additionally obliges the bigger  phones that will not fit the PowerA elective if your phone is on the chunkier side.


The appearance of Xbox cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass makes this DarkWalker FO220 Battery Phone Mount for Xbox One Controller cut truly outstanding to begin, proving a low-cost entry point with your existing Xbox One controller. It works with almost every conventional smartphone out there and costs less than one month of your Ultimate-tier subscription.


Bottom line

While there are many alternatives to utilize your smartphone with your number one gaming controller, albeit a great deal of them aren't cross stage. You need to sort out which controller you'll probably use with your telephone, since a great deal of alternatives just work with Xbox controllers, or even SteelSeries controllers. On the off chance that you can separate it, that can settle on your decision simple.


For those needing an across the board arrangement, including the controller, should consider the DarkWalker FO220 Battery Phone Mount for Xbox One Controller.


This Package includes: 1 * Phone Clip, 1 * 1600mAh Battery Pack, 1 * Micro-USB Charger Cable


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